Valentines day is almost upon us. Romance is love in action and February 14th presents a perfect opportunity to spoil that special someone.  While some may feel that this day of romance is too commercial, it’s a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

What better way to express your heartfelt feelings for someone than with flowers?

Of course roses are the perennial symbol of true love. Greek mythology claims that it was Aphrodite, Goddess of love, who created the first red rose. As she rushed to the side of her lover, Adonis, who had been injured by a wild boar, she was grazed by thorns and her blood forever stained the white roses red. Many years later, Cleopatra is said to have seduced Mark Antony in a chamber two feet deep with red rose petals. Shakespeare compared Juliet’s beauty to that of a rose and Robert Burns compared his love to a red, red rose.

This Valentine’s Day we are offering a beautiful, lasting bouquet of a dozen red roses for £40 or a single rose for £6. Whilst red roses often take centre stage on this day we would suggest you consider white roses too. Not only do they make a wonderful contrast in a bouquet of mostly red they’re sometimes called the ‘flower of light’ and can represent the immortality of love to live on after death.

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Roses aren’t to everyone’s liking. What about Tulips? They were given in Persia as a declaration of love. The black centre of a red tulip is thought to represent the lover’s heart, burned black with passion.  They also come in such a wide range of colours that you’re bound to find a combination as perfect as your love!

Lilies have long been associated with innocence and femininity and the word for chalice derived from calyx, the cup of the lily flower. A breathtakingly beautiful flower this makes a perfect representation of your feelings towards that beautiful woman in your life.

Meanwhile Amaryllis represents pride for it’s strong stem ending in a bold, hornlike flower. The name is Greeks for ‘splendor’. What better expression of one’s love than that it is uniquely, strongly, splendid?

Whatever your preference, Shrinking Violet Bespoke Floristry can translate your romance into a beautiful floral arrangement, perfect for your loved one. Visit our shop to place your order before 11am on Friday 10th February 2017