Meet Florist Lucy Jones

Flowers inspire me to create floral designs that are different and pleasing to the eye

For owner and creative floral designer Lucy Jones, Shrinking Violet Bespoke Floristry is more than just a business, it is a lifelong dream and passion that even catastrophic memory loss couldn’t suppress.

In December 2006, whilst working as an office manager at Malvern Town Council, Lucy suffered a brain haemorrhage that left her unable to remember her husband and three children, read or write and with permanent sight problems that still prevent her from driving.

Previously Lucy had worked in florists and often enjoyed creating floral art work for the Town Council in her spare time. Amazingly the only thing Lucy could remember after her operation was this love of working with flowers and that she wanted to run her own floristry business.


Despite being extremely determined, achieving her dream was a 7 year uphill struggle. With the help of Occupational and Speech therapists and the tireless support of family and friends Lucy slowly worked towards her goal and re-learned to read and write. She was persuaded to attend the Malvern College Acquired Brain Injury Education Service to help her regain some confidence and it had the desired effect. She went on to complete a City and Guilds Level 3 Award course for Creative Techniques at Pershore Horticultural College and achieved a Level 3 Award for Specialist Wedding Design and Bespoke Tributes.

Not everything can be re-learned though and her continued poor eyesight means that driving is no longer an option, so Lucy often travels by train. A regular visitor to Great Malvern Train Station, it’s perhaps no surprise that it was there, at the Lady Foley’s Tea Room that she created her first public floral display, in a vintage pram!

Visitors to the station loved the display so much that Lucy was spurred on and it was right in the station that Lucy opened her floristry shop, Shrinking Violet Bespoke Floristry, on 22nd March 2013.

For Lucy, floristry is an art similar to fashion or interior design, and one that she takes very seriously. Combining her love of flowers, foliage and natural textured materials with an appreciation and understanding of colour and joyful scent she is able to create unique and beautiful displays that appeal to all the senses, for any event or occasion.

Lucy has survived a life changing experience with a renewed outlook on life and her love and inspiration with flowers is a natural gift helping her to make her dream of running her own florist business a reality.

In July 2017 Lucy closed the door on her Great Malvern Station shop for the very last time and she is now based in Bath. Although she no longer has a flower shop, she is still creating beautiful floral arrangements for businesses and events in the area.

To see some examples of the displays created by Lucy simply browse the website sections listed at the top of the page. To speak to us about how we can help with your business or event requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.