flowers in vasesCut flowers brighten up any space, and we think any day too!

Once you have your gorgeous flowers though, how do you look after them so that they stay beautiful for longer? There are a lot of hints and tricks out there which may well extend the lives of some flowers, but beware, they could reduce the lifespan of others! The truth is simpler (and easier) than you might think.

8 steps to getting the most out of your cut flowers

  1. bouquetMake sure that the vase has been thoroughly cleaned with warm, soapy water before use to get rid of any nasty bacteria that may be lurking.  If it has a narrow neck or hard-to-clean corners then rinsing with a small amount of thinned bleach every now and then is a good idea.
  2. Ensure that the vase has a couple of inches of fresh water, plus flower food if you have any. But don’t worry if you don’t, it doesn’t always make a difference to the lifespan of your flowers!
  3. Unwrap any packaging from the flowers and leave the string in place.
  4. Cut a few centimetres off the stems at an angle, depending on the height of your bouquet.
  5. Place the flowers in the vase.  The string can be cut to let the flowers fall freely, or left in place to retain the design.
  6. Be sure to place the vase in a cool spot away from sunlight or direct heat.
  7. Every couple of days clean the vase and remove any flowers/foliage that are fading or dying.
  8. Trim the remaining stems again and top up with fresh, clean water.