VasesLittle in life is nicer than receiving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (even if you bought them for yourself!)

It can sometimes be a challenge finding the right vase to do them justice though!

At Shrinking Violet Bespoke Floristry, we believe that the right vase is key to any floral arrangement. Our corporate displays, table decorations or funeral displays will all be carefully arranged in vases that complement the display. Yet when you buy (or are gifted) flowers from us, you may feel a little unsure how to display them at their best!

Opaque vases are an excellent choice. Choose your favourite colours or buy neutrals and you’re bound to find one that will compliment any bouquet.

Clear glass vases are common for their neutral, clean, clear impression. They can also be problematic as the eye is often drawn to the stems and away from the gorgeous blooms and any discolouration in the water or stems that will show up glaringly.

In our Malvern shop we love cut glass and crystal glass vases and use them whenever we get the chance! Far too often these beauties are thought of as old fashioned, but they’re hidden gems.

Crystal VasesThe light refracts off the glass reflecting the colours of the flowers beautifully hiding the stalks attractively. Crystal vases are also often heavier than many other types of vase, so less likely to be knocked over by curious animals or children!

The best thing is that they won’t break the bank! Crystal and cut glass vases can often be found in charity shops and are well worth snapping up when you get the chance.

Whatever style you go for, size and shape are also worth considering.  Hourglass vases are the most versatile. They hold stems tighter at the top, so prevent your display from drooping.

Height is also a key factor here. The professional advice is to ensure that the flowers’ stems are no longer than one and a half to two times that of the vase.

So, no excuses now not to find the perfect vase in which to display your perfect flowers!