A wedding is a special day for everyone involved and the flowers are a way to make it YOUR day.

Wedding flowers tie the whole wedding theme together, the common note that runs throughout the whole event, from ‘save the date’ cards and invitations, through to the dresses, venue and the moment you say ‘I do’.

Lucy, at Shrinking Violet Bespoke Floristry in Malvern, works closely with the bride, wedding couple or family to create flowers perfect for the day.

The beauty of working with Lucy is that she brings to bear her many years of experience and her creative flare to take your ideas and expand on them. She will suggest colours that complement the palette, or blooms and foliage that will take your wedding flowers to another level.

Here are a few of Lucy’s personal favourites for 2016 and 2017 weddings!

wedding bouquetRoses are always a favourite for the wedding bouquet as there are so many varieties, colours and shapes. Red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and even green! Bi-coloured or multi-coloured. Big, small, short stem, long stem, sizes and colours to choose from.

Peonies are beautiful and there are many colours and sizes.

Jasmine is so charming and the scent is wonderful, it trails from any shape of bouquet and compliments so many flowers.

Zantedeschia or Calla is a luxurious, elegant flower and is available in many colours.

Cosmos is a delightful flower in lots of unusual colours and scent, one even had a scent of chocolate!!  These flowers look so nice on their own and with other garden flowers.

Asparagus foliage is beautiful and can either be used trailing or short. It even looks good in an alternative style bouquet of just foliage, for example eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, bay tree, ivy, ornamental grasses etc.

With so much choice the vision of the bride for the wedding day is essential to ensure that the perfect combination of flowers and colour is achieved. Sometimes this can seem daunting. So what is Lucy’s top tip for anyone trying to decide on their wedding flowers?

“The flowers should feel as though they belong to the person or the venue. They are the thread that binds everything together as you begin your life as a couple!”